Florence, admires Guy who’s focus in life and wants success

Hi auntie! I am Florence 42yr of age, I want a hookup in your platform. I have read a lot of comments and seen more singles in queue searching for partners.

I would like to hookup with one sugar boy who is focused and want support to succeed in life, I am so lonely mummy and I wish to hookup with one like right now. Please get me lonely single guy who will be dating, having fun, making love and working together. I am blessed financially, yes, I came from a wealthy family and I have advancing my lifestyle. Please get me a loving guy, who is good in bed and I would appreciate to share goodies with him.

I more of a good heart mummy and good looking, I love myself and I hope I will get trustworthy, not a guy that stress me when together.

Name: Florence
Age: 42
From: Nairobi City

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